Best places to visit in monsoon in west bengal

Best places to visit in monsoon in west bengal

Well, monsoons are the most magical time of the year for the people of West Bengal, India. This is the main reason that the state is also known as West Bengal or Bengaluru. The state capital is Kolkata and the state’s major tourist attractions are the museums, monuments and the festivals. Monsoons have always been a time when the state offers the best places to visit in West Bengal, India. There are many places that you can visit in this state during monsoons and they will all be ideal destinations for your vacations.

Here are some of the best places to visit in West Bengal, India during monsoons:

This was the first state capital in British India. It is now a leading industrial and commercial state with heavy investments in different industries. There are a number of heritage buildings here like the Raj Bhavan, the Chittorgarh Fort, Shah Jehan Palace, and others. West Bengal has always been popular among tourists because of its rich culture and traditional villages. Monsoons are almost at every corner, which makes it an excellent time to visit this beautiful state. are the Bengali cities of Dhulagarh and Mualem. Dhulagarh is a holy place for all Bengalis and they come to this place for prayers during the monsoons. Mualem is mostly a big rice-producing city and the Mural and Alleppey Temples are worth visiting. Apart from all these three cities, there are other significant places in West Bengal like Kolkata, Idukki, Jimbaran, Prerana, and others. The state has many religious monuments and monasteries, which make it an excellent tourist destination in India.

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