Best Lounge Chairs for Every Summer Activity

Best Lounge Chairs for Every Summer Activity

Beach chairs are just as important as sunhats, sunscreen, and other essential items you may require at the beach. You, therefore, need to invest in a good beach chair to ensure that you are comfortable and feel more relaxed. Lounge chairs vary depending on different styles, functionality, appearance, and materials used to make them. Choose a suitable lounge chair that meets your needs, for instance, if you have knee and back problems or need it for a particular summer activity such as backyard barbeque and kids sports events.

There are plenty of beach chairs that are all-rounded to meet each of your needs, even at an affordable price. Here are a few best lounge chairs suitable for all your summer activities.

  1. Rio Gear 5-Position Lay Flat Beach Chair

This chair is more affordable and easy to carry around due to its lightweight at 6 pounds and an adjustable shoulder strap. It is made of a durable fabric and a rust-proof aluminium frame, thus lasting longer. It can be adjusted into five different positions for extra comfort, including a flat position, as its name suggests, suitable for napping. Rio Gear 5-Position Lay Flat Beach Chair can be used for a beautiful day at the beach and in backyard barbeques.

  1. Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair

This chair is easy to carry because of its lightweight and comfortable padded straps. It can be adjusted into five positions, allowing you to lay flat and a built-in adjustable pillow for extra comfort. Also, two large storage compartments with one insulated to cool your drinks and food. A hanging cup holder hangs from the modest contour armrest and a phone compartment. There is a folding towel bar at the back of the chair that allows you to dry wet towels and clothes. Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler chair is made of a rust-proof aluminium frame enhanced with durable 600-denier polyester, and its back is made of canvas. This chair is best suited for a beach or a backyard barbeque.

  1. Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

You can adjust the Sport-Brella Recliner Chair into three comfortable positions, either a sit-up, layback, or a nap. With a 50+ Upf, the chair’s umbrella protects you from the sun while its metallic underside deflects heat. The umbrella can also be adjusted into three different positions to keep you in the shade always. This chair has a detachable footrest, built-in cup holder, and an insulated pocket that can hold up to four drinks. In addition, there is a built-in bottle opener in a zippered storage pocket. This beach chair is well suited for sporting events, camping, and at the beach.

  1. Coleman Oversized Quad Chair

Whether you are at a sporting event or the beach, the Coleman Oversized Quad Chair will help you relax. Despite being an extra-wide seat, this chair can still be folded and placed in the carry bag for easy transport and storage. With a built-in armrest cooler, it can hold up to four cans, while a mesh cup holder, will hold two cups. This chair has an additional large storage pocket and a small mesh pocket for holding your keys and mobile phone.

While you strive to pick a lounge chair that is comfortable to sit in, consider its durability. Beach chairs serve a lot of functions other than being used on the sand. They can also be used for camping, sporting events, or hanging out in the backyard.

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