4 Ways Voice Assistants Can Benefit Businesses

Voice Assistants Can Benefit Businesses

It has become increasingly evident that voice is the next big interface in computing. In some instances, it can replace touch-based platforms in the smartphone era. Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, and even Samsung’s Bixby are the major voice assistant being used all over the world.

Voice assistants have the ability to perform tasks whenever requested and provide contextual data. As the voice assistant technology keeps evolving, so will its impact on the public. With an increase in consumers utilizing virtual assistants, businesses have also started adopting them for their day-to-day tasks.

Virtual assistants have begun creating new and better opportunities for businesses to improve their overall productivity and efficiency. Here are some ways voice assistants will change businesses in the upcoming future.

Boost in Productivity

You may think that voice assistants have limited capabilities, but they’re evolving at a much faster rate than we expected. In fact, in many ways, they’ve become our virtual colleagues in the office.

They have the ability to work as well as, even better than humans do because they help in taking over repetitive tasks that may occupy the rest of our day. By doing so, virtual assistants have allowed people to focus better on higher priority projects.

This allows us to organize and manage our time better during office hours, with human resources no longer having to attend to tasks that now virtual assistants handle. Moreover, it gives us a productivity boost knowing that we can accomplish more now than in the past.

Google Assistant and her peers are a representation of a much larger movement than just getting day-to-day tasks done via the voice command feature. These virtual assistants are the depiction of how human-computer interaction will be like in the future.

Improvement in Communication

Voice assistants use the natural language processing technology (NLP) that works through artificial intelligence (AI) and the use of machine learning to parse a voice command and translate it to a written text.

This particular capability will enable business professionals to not just communicate better, but also collaborate with one another more effectively. Also, let’s not forget that this technology is evolving with time.

For instance, the E-Commerce industry has voice-enabled chatbots that assist customers in real-time, without having them wait to get a response. Shoppers can now shop online in a conversational way, from anywhere and on any device.

This also helps businesses accumulate consumer data, to offer better and personalized marketing for their target markets. This is highly beneficial for businesses that have multilingual teams working for them. Become an AI Expert by taking up Artificial Intelligence Course which features several projects on Deep Learning applications, Natural Language Processing, etc., which is the lifeline of these Voice Assistants.

Automated Meetings

This is by far one of the most common ways voice assistants are being used at work. Virtual assistants have the ability to not only automate but also streamline time-consuming processes in the workplace.

One of these processes is having to arrange meetings and to further remind your colleagues about them. This can be a hassle when it’s a video conference, with colleagues who are all over the world.

Products such as Amazon’s Alexa for Business can help you ease down the meeting process. You can simply enter the meeting room and say, “Alexa, begin the meeting,” and it’s as simple as that.

You no longer have to fumble for passcodes and bridge numbers, as the virtual assistant has the full capability to get that done for you. This will definitely save some minutes off at the start of every meeting.


We can all agree that we’ve been in a situation whereby there was a hesitation to ask a question. No doubt that most companies encourage their employees to voice out their concerns and questions, but more than often, some of us are more conscious.

Even so, the other person may not reply promptly and you’ll be stuck once again. Voice assistants have made our lives easier at the workplace, by being a huge help in situations that may hinder our productivity.

All thanks to voice assistants, we can search for almost anything. Especially if we were late for a meeting, and a voice assistant had been recording it, all we’ve to do is play the recording and take down the important pointers.

Future of Voice Assistants

Voice is the indefinite future of customer experience and brand interactions. Voice assistant integration in several industries is assisting their businesses to improve productivity, which in return brings in more customers.

In fact, voice assistant’s skills that simplify and strategize complex situations wherever there’s a communication process, have achieved wide acceptance in a number of verticals, like businesses, home users, governments, among others.

There’s a lot of opportunity when it comes to voice assistance. Hence, it’s for you to decide if your brand is ready to jump into and take this opportunity.

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