The strange Fortnite inflatable cow costume is all about extraterrestrials.

The strange Fortnite inflatable cow costume is all about extraterrestrials.

Last month, a great fugue from Fortnite revealed the existence of a disguise not yet announced called inflated-a-bull. As his name suggests, a kind of disguise is a disguise of inflatable cow that players can supposedly deploy every time they would like, allowing them to bounce the ground. EPIC has finally addressed the existence of that consumable.

The escape emerged on Twitter late last month; According to Data-Miner Ifiremonkey, the article will be a comprehensive suit that, when it will be implemented, will inflate quickly to surround the player with a cow’s suit. Next, you will not be able to use your firearms while you use the suit and, as you would, other players can ruin the fun when you turn away your inflatable cow.

EPIC has not yet announced this consumable item, but it has just released a tweet that its existence insinues. As part of his series “Hotsaucereaks,” said the company, “cows … Why is it always cows with these aliens?” The Tweet did not include an image or any other detail, but given the complete lack of cows in the game, it is difficult to imagine that it refers to something other than inflated-a-bull.

The Tweet indicates that the cow costume can reach as some kind of utility against the invading aliens, perhaps be destined to be a real costume to hide from the alien troops or, given the Lore of UFO, maybe it is a way that the Humans deceive the aliens in Abducing in their boats. EPIC is not saying in any way.

Regardless, and assuming that the Tweet refers to the filtered element, it seems likely that we now make inflate-a-bull as an article in the game in the near future. The leaks indicate that the players use it in the Bling place on the back, which can insinuate an item that you acquire instead of a consumable that is in the random engender, but it is too early to say it.

Ifiremonkey agrees with this evaluation, affirming that we will have access to the sole article on Tuesday. The data miner also claims the players must buy the inflate-a-bull of the character of Rick Sánchez that is located in the satellite locations, which indicates that it will disappear when it finishes this season.

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