PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update Add Tesla Gigafactory and Model Y

PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update Add Tesla Gigafactory and Model Y

Tencent Games pushed the version 1.5 of the update of his mobile Game Hit Pubg Mobile, offering players a variety of new contents, not the least is a greater collaboration of Tesla. Under this partnership, PUBG Mobile now houses a Gigafactory Tesla where players can not only explore the virtual version of the installation, but also produce their own model Y.

PUBG Mobile 1.5 represents a huge update for the title, which is a mobile game based on the battlefield of the PC PlayerunkNown. The most remarkable aspect of the update is the collaboration of Tesla, which adds a Gigafactorielle to Erangel, the most popular card of the game. This is a functional factory, according to the company, which can be accessible In the mission ignition mode.

Players can activate all switches found in the Gigafactorielle to trigger the vehicle assembly process. The result will be a model Y game y Suv, which will include the company’s autopilot mode that players can light up when driving the highways on the map. The autonomous vehicle will take players to presets along the road.

In addition, mobile players will also notice other self-contained Tesla vehicles in random locations “along the road, in the wild, according to Tencent. These random engineering vehicles will apparently head on predefined routes. The Tesla Semi will be such a vehicle, which players will be able to damage to trigger a fall of the feed crates.

The widest mission ignition mode, meanwhile, will give Erange a global update of Tech-Heavy, where half a dozen major regions will push new lifts, buildings, mobile platforms and other similar things . The hyperlin will allow players to move quickly between the cities of the island, assuming they take them lines are active. For other hours, players will be able to take the air conveyor system to move in the sky.

Pubg Mobile Version 1.5 moves to the players now. You can find the complete patches notes on the official game site here.

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