Norton 360 Antivirus and its Support

Norton 360 Antivirus

Norton 360 is an all-in-one security suitethat combines online protection with performance turning, offline protection, automatic backup with problem-solving tools embedded in it. This helps the user to access the data freely and ensure comfort to the users.

Norton 360 Antivirus

The functionality of Norton 360 antivirusis worked upon, improving on the performance and to limit errors encountered by users on a regular basis. Norton has its support team that works to meets the requirements of users and any challenge faced by these users is the sole responsibility of the Norton support team.

Customer discusses the challenges they face with the use of the antivirus in different forums. Norton provides an option to discuss these issues intimately in an almost real-life chat. Here, customers can be asked to fill a form, which is used to keep support records, or via chat forums. In these forums, Customers meet the Norton intellectuals and highly skilled individuals that can answer and help you resolve the issues faced by the users.

The support team will be responsible for any difficulties encountered from the time of installation of the antivirus usage. The user is advised to contact the support team in situations where the download freezes and take several hours or days and still shows no sign of improvement.

Frequent problems encountered by our support team;

  • Slow performance
  • Tend to control system performance more than it should
  • Blocks the functioning of some other programs which makes it uncomfortable for the users and in many cases, they turn to uninstall the program

 Norton makes it possible for customers to communicate these problems on a regular basis with agents. These problemsmight be solved in less than 15 minutes. Norton has different centers and depending on the customer country, the centers are always available.

The Norton 360 support team should be contacted using different devices not just from a desktop or laptop, but goes as far as calling the support center directly from your cell phone.

How to contact a support center:

  • Chats made directly with an agent from the software or website
  • Online Community forum which has been made possible for discussions and sharing of ideas by more than just one person, good for alternative answering
  • Online help articles made by experts in the IT center.
  • Phone, no matter the type of phone and the service is made free of charge with no bill cost.

When to contact a support center:

  • When you understand nothing about the program you are about to get
  • When you don’t know how to install the program
  • When you are facing difficulties installing the program
  • When you notice changes after installing the program
  • When the antivirus program is not responding
  • When the functionality of the antivirus affects the running of the other programs
  • When you notice something wrong with the antivirus
  • When you can’t update your program

Other problems not mentioned here can also be communicated to the support center as it will help give an optimum functionality of the antivirus.

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