New details revealed on the Xbox Series Xbox X and PS5 upgrade from WITCHER 3

New details revealed on the Xbox Series Xbox X and PS5 upgrade from WITCHER 3

While the big news of today’s Wicchercon event have been centered on the TV show, we have obtained new updates on the game series. Unfortunately, there is no confirmation from the Witcher 4 in view, but CD Projekt Red gave an update on the WITCHER 3. The studio started by reiterating as the next update for The Wiccher 3: WILD Hunt fell from time to time this year.

It is also specific that CD Projekt Red has been able to get this update today, but it is to have a confirmation that the update is nevertheless. In a tweet after the announcement, CD Projekt Red also said that the next update of WITCHER 3: Wild Hunt will have new items based on the Witch’s television series.

The Tweet also reveals the coverage of the next update of Witcher 3, which can probably be described as “the original original Art of Witcher 3, but to look better”. NEXT-GEN update will arrive at Xbox X Series | S, PlayStation 5 and PC. Although we do not yet know a ton of the update, CD Projekt Red revealed some key details on this topic at its first announcement last September.

For example, the studio indicates that this will offer time tracing times and faster loading times, which were both roughly considering that the rays tracing times and improved loading times are Key characteristics of Xbox X and PlayStation 5. CD Projekt says that this new version of the game will be available as a standalone buy on the Xbox X and PS5 series, although it is also available for free to those who already own The game on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Overall, it sounds like a pretty solid upgrade for those looking to do another witch race 3. We will let you know when more about it is revealed, but in the meantime, we will keep our fingers have crossed an exit date that is not too far.

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