matsya setu app

matsya setu app

Union Minister of Fisheries & Animal Husbandry Giriraj Singh announced an exciting new Mobile App for farmers called matsya setu. The app is designed by ICAR – Central Institute of freshwater aquaculture at Bhubaneswar, using traditional ayurvedic methods of farming. It is a combination of 10 new and innovative techniques, based on traditional Ayurveda and shastra. Ayurveda is a traditional Indian form of alternative medicine that emphasizes preventive care and treatment using herbal medicines. It has been used for hundreds of years in India for treating water problems, infections, and diabetes to improve general health.

To create mats setu app, the union minister spoke about ayurvedic concepts like space management, flow of energy, fertilizers, nutrients, chemicals, and many more. He talked about the need for farmers to become more self reliant and at the same time help save the environment. The ayurvedic concepts like space management, flow of energy, fertilizers, nutrients, and many more were introduced to provide more practical demonstrations on breeding, sowing, and harvesting. These concepts go beyond simple farming to provide a comprehensive solution to farmers to be more sustainable. The 10 concepts presented in matsya setu app are based on the fundamentals of Ayurveda like space planning, flow of energy, fertility, plants growth, disease resistance, and more.

The course module was created to introduce yoga, to reduce stress, and to introduce the Five elements. The yoga sessions included meditation, chanting, and mantras. The first session was followed by an explanation of yoga, the types of postures, and explaining how the yoga could be incorporated into the day-to-day operations of aqua farming. The union minister said that the purpose of the aqua farming course was to provide information, education, and awareness to people living in the rural areas, so they would be able to take part in the venture and become more self-reliant.

Matsya Setu App is basically an online course designed by the ICAR-Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (ICAR-Cafe) in Hyderabad, India. The main aim of the development was to develop a complete set of information and communication tools for farmers in order to improve productivity. The main idea behind this is to help farmers know what is required and how to do it. Farmers are facing many problems because of droughts and heat. The main idea behind the development of the app was to provide new and improved information on drought tolerant plants and crops.

Now that the app has been introduced, thousands of people can access it and benefit greatly. The main aim of the program is to develop self-sufficiency in aquatic plant and crop production. According to the research done by the ICAR-Cafe, each year, half-million pounds of fish are lost due to water scarcity in the country. The union minister said that the new app will help in the increase of production of the fish. In this way, it can help in developing better management practices, control pollution, increase productivity and at the same time, produce quality products at a cheaper price.

The mats setu app is the latest information on various agricultural schemes among the fish farmers of India. According to the research done by the scientists from the renowned organizations, it was found out that there are over 15 million poor people who depend on the income earned through the fish farming. As a result, farmers had to expand their scale to meet the requirements of the consumers who demand fresh and high-quality seafood products. The app provides information on how to produce the best quality product at the lowest possible cost.

With this app, farmers are able to improve their productivity, control pollution and at the same time, provide healthy and cost effective seafood products. The union minister said that the impact of this app is remarkable as it contributes in harnessing the potentials of the Indian micro, small and large scale industries. He also added that this is a perfect example of how science and technology-led aquaculture development works. According to him, this app not only enhances production but also develops improved methods of fish production and distribution. He further explained that the launch of the app in this state is another spearheading of this technology-led aquatic industry development in the nation.

The chief harvesting regions for the matsya setu app are the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Karnataka, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. This app enables the users to purchase the freshest and highest quality products at the most affordable price from the fish farmers themselves. It is an innovative use of science and technology to provide the consumers with the latest information on how to find the best fish products at the lowest possible cost. The union minister further told the media houses that this app will be the first of its kind in the country to bring in this innovation and show farmers how to save more fish in the future.

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