Look at the Galactic Flight Virgin by Richard Branson at 10:30 AM ET (updated)

Look at the Galactic Flight Virgin by Richard Branson at 1030 AM ET (updated)

Later, Virgin Galactic will try to fly its founder and multimillionaire Richard Branson, as well as five people, to the edge of space. You can see how the complete mission of unit 22 is deployed here, the company’s website, as well as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The company has not released a detailed time for Sunday flight yet. But, the Galactic Virgin adheres to the usual flight plan of it, the whole mission should take about 90 minutes. Either way, the official LiveStream is currently scheduled to start at 10:30 AM ET.

Unity 22 will be the fourth manned flight of the Virgin Galactic. Out of winning Jeff Bezo in space, the declared purpose of the mission is to evaluate the environment of the spaccua cabin, the comfort of the seat and the general experience that will offer customers. If the flight is a success, the company plans to complete two additional test flights before starting flights paid next year.

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