LeBron James comes to ‘Fortnite’ on July 14.

LeBron James comes to 'Fortnite' on July 14.

With Space Jam: A new legacy that comes out this week, the Little Lakers, LeBron James, goes to Fortnite. On July 14, two days before the film comes out in the US. UU., EPIC will start selling two different King James skins. The first ones are inspired by the style of the prejudice of the star and see it wearing a blazer, hoodie, shorts and shirts and ties.

The second attire allows you to dress James, either in the Squadron Uniform of the melody of him or in a Getup with Taco Tuesday theme. Naturally, all skins have LeBron who carries the last Nikes signature, which, as he could have guessed, will also come out this month. As a third option, you can buy the skins together in a package that comes with additional elements in the game, an Emote and a special load screen.

LeBron is not the first real-life star to go towards Fortnite. Previously, Epic launched skins from Travis Scott and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. Since EPIC frequently makes events crossed with other brands, it is not surprising to see James get that same treatment now. At this point, Fortnite is another channel that companies can use to market their latest products.

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