How To Prepare For An Online/Virtual Interview

How To Prepare For An Online/Virtual Interview

Appearing for a job interview is a very formal task that requires utmost focus and confidence. Today, technology is playing a key role in the interview process. While online interviews and assessments had started catching up in top organizations even before the pandemic, now almost all the companies are conducting them online. For a hiring manager, there are benefits like easy access to a vast talent-pool, no risk of contagion, ease of assessing a candidate’s knowledge/social skills, and a more economical as well as speedy process.

However, for a candidate, online interviews are as challenging as in-person interviews. Things can appear to be daunting if this is going to be your first experience with an online interview. Keeping that in mind, here we introduce you to some steps that will not only make you more confident while doing self-introduction for an interview but also increase your chances of landing the job. Go ahead and check these out:

1.Mock-up interview

If you are not used to online interviews then technology can pose challenges to even those who are not completely unfamiliar with it. Therefore, it is better to do a dry run of the interview. Check the internet connectivity/speed, features of the tool that you are going to use such as Zoom, Skype or FaceTime, etc.

Wherever possible, find out in advance about the interview format, do’s and don’ts, and what to do in case there is disruption due to network or technology lag.

2.Decide on the interview spot

The way you appear during the video conference will directly impact your impression. Hence, the place you choose shouldn’t be too dimly or too brightly lit. A good option would be to sit close to a window as natural lighting can be soft, relaxing, adequate, but not distracting such as a bright overhead light. There should be no glare to put off the interviewer. You must also sit down and do a bit of deep breathing/relaxation technique in the interview spot before going ‘live’ as it helps in calming the nerves and appearance.

3.Check surroundings and eliminate distractions

Carefully analyze and eliminate any likely distractions that could derail your flow of conversation. Put the phone on silence/airplane mode and disable email/browser notifications. You also need to make sure that there are no kids, pets or family members walking around or in the background while you are in the middle of the interview.

Check that your background doesn’t include a pile of laundry, the poster of your favorite movie star, or anything else that could be considered casual or distasteful. Don’t sit by a busy thoroughfare either as the vehicular traffic or noisy people can be a great distraction.

4.Dress professionally

You might be appearing for the interview right inside your bedroom, but that doesn’t mean you can face the interviewer wearing your pajamas. The thumb rule is to dress and groom yourself the same way you will do for an in-person discussion at the office.

5.Calm your mind

We all have a million things to bother about, but they can wait until the interview is over. Relax, focus only on the discussion and things that are being said. Keep the temperature ambient to avoid feeling too cold or too sweaty during the interview. If you feel nervous then slow down the pace a little to keep your nerves in control.

6.Body language

Maintain a consistent eye-contact that makes the interviewer feel that you are sincere, interested, and confident. Don’t look around while talking or recline in the chair. Tapping the table, cracking the knuckles, and doing anything that makes you fidgety or unfocused has to be avoided. As long as you have done your homework and you know the job you are applying for, there is no need to stress. A smile is a great tool so use it wisely during the interview.

In Conclusion

Appearing for an online interview is actually a lot more convenient than an in-person interview because you don’t need to travel, and can control the environment in which you appear. Therefore, all you need to do is to take care of the technology, spend time on preparation and display great interpersonal skills and knowledge at the appointed hour. Good luck!

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