How to become an AI Expert?

How to become an AI Expert?

Some quick facts that will make you think of how enriching a career in AI can be by going with Artificial Intelligence (AI) certification:

  • The AI-powered automotive market is anticipated to grow up to 35% by 2026.
  • According to Juniper, chatbot customer service will go up from 12% to 75% by 2022. Furthermore, it will go up to 90% by 2022 in the banking sector.
  • AI algorithms have resulted in stronger user personalization.
  • One of the best facts is that AI can monitor software and hardware’s health to prevent any malfunctions.
  • AI can generate global GDP growth of 16% by 2030 according to McKinsey.

Amazing enough! 

Shelley, an AI author, has already started writing fiction stories.

Today AI is ready to get incorporated into various market segments; in most of them, it has already penetrated. The research says that AI is killing more and more jobs, but the fact is that it is just killing a category of jobs, thereby replacing it with new categories. So, there is a surge in demand for AI experts trained and certified around the globe.

Let us now explore what AI is and how to make a career in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What is AI?

In simplest terms, AI refers to any human-like intelligence activity exhibited by a machine, a computer, or a robot. So Artificial Intelligence refers to a machine or computer’s ability to mimic human behavior by learning from examples and experience, recognizing objects, identifying and responding to language, making wise decisions, and solving problems/issues. Along with these capabilities, the other functions that a human might perform like driving a car or greeting a person.

Today AI applications are not limited to sci-fi movies. Rather, AI has become an inseparable part of our lives. It completes our words when we start typing, recommends what to buy or watch, and most important – it drives medical image analysis. It helps you find your routes when you are in an unknown place.

As artificial intelligence is becoming really common, it is not as common when you look for professionals who are experts in AI. As there is a surge in the need for AI experts worldwide, there is a new category of jobs available. Almost every industry, such as healthcare, e-commerce, banking, logistics, healthcare, etc., is applying AI in their otherwise tedious tasks; they need AI professionals as well. The top titans looking for AI experts are IBM, Microsoft, Accenture, Amazon, and many more.

Understanding the AI Career Landscape

Since the adoption of AI in different verticals is still growing, the demand for trained and skilled professionals is skyrocketing. Though AI has posed a threat to a huge number of existing jobs, it has created massive viable and unique career opportunities. Organizations today are looking for professionals who have an in-and-out knowledge of AI.

You can make a career in AI, and there are different learning paths for three different kinds of professionals – those who are new in AI, programmers, or those who are already working as Data Scientists or some equivalent role.

For a novice professional, it is important to start with mathematics and develop all the skills required for becoming an AI expert, such as strong knowledge of any of the programming languages, including Java/C++/Python or more.

If you are a programmer, you should move towards algorithms and coding.

For a Data Scientist or so, you should develop programming skills that are regarded as the most crucial skills for an AI career.

Popular Job Roles in Artificial Intelligence

1.Machine Learning Engineer

This role is considered as the most sight-after job role in AI that requires you to possess strong software skills is that of a Machine Learning Engineer. You should be capable of applying it to predictive models and leverage natural language processing to work with huge data sets.

The average annual salary of a Machine Learning Engineer, according to Glassdoor, is around USD 121,106.

2.Robotic Scientist

As we know that robots are known for automating tedious tasks, they require intense programming at the back-end to perform well, as required. Today robots are occupying many verticals like healthcare, space explorations, and many other sectors. This has made the demand for robotic scientists skyrocket. You need to know how to write and manipulate computer programs, interact with other AI experts, and develop prototypes.

The average annual salary of a Robotic Scientist, according to Glassdoor, is around USD 83,241.

3.Research Scientist

You can be a research scientist if you are an expert in different Artificial Intelligence disciplines that may include concepts of machine learning, applied mathematics, and computational statistics. The curriculum consists of deep learning, neural networks, reinforcement learning, natural language processing, graphical models, computer perception, and data representation.

The average annual salary of a Research Scientist, according to Glassdoor, is around USD 83,490.

4.Data Scientist

The job role which is regarded as “the sexiest job of the 21st century” is that of a Data Scientist. A data scientist’s primary role is to collect, analyze, and represent by using machine learning and predictive analytics such that you can draw insights beyond statistical analysis. To become a data scientist, you need to use Big Data tools such as Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Pig, and MapReduce. You should be proficient in programming languages such as Python, SQL, Scala, and statistical computing languages.

The average annual salary of a Data Scientist, according to Glassdoor, is around USD 117,345.

5.Business Intelligence Developer

This role is in high demand in the AI domain. A BI developer has to analyze complex data to identify current and business trends, eventually improving an organization’s efficiency and productivity. A BI developer possesses strong technical and analytical skills along with excellent communication and problem-solving skills. As a BI developer, you are responsible for designing, modeling, developing, and managing massive amounts of data.

The average annual salary of a Business Intelligence Developer, according to Glassdoor, is around USD 90,430.


For the job roles discussed above, it is clear that you need a specific skill set and proper training. Getting trained and certified as an AI certified Engineer is the smart move that can help you launch your career in such a growing domain.

There are online training providers that train you as per the skills required and according to your knowledge level.  The best part is that there are professionals to ensure that you are trained in-and-out with the training and curriculum. Generally, these professionals are industry experts who are there to clarify all your doubts.

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