Gaming Netflix’s plan confirmed with the latest rent

Gaming Netflix's plan confirmed with the latest rent

Netflix is ​​still considered the king of video streaming, but the vast empire has now been split between other rival kingdoms, including the Kingdom of Mickey Mouse. Despite increasing competition, Netflix has been loyal to its core service to distribute videos in several genres. It hasn’t tried audio content just like podcasts, for example, which seems to experience Renaissance today. However, maybe, immediately deviate to the video game area if the executation is an indication of anything.

Gaming Ambition Netflix returns as far as 2018 when launching interactive fiction Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and Minecraft: Story Mode. Rumors have appeared here and there about the plan to offer video games with video streaming content, but the company’s official statement is not exactly committed to or rejecting speculation like that. The latest rent, however, has quite a lot to confirm that it has certain executive positions related to video games.

Bloomberg reports Mike Verdu’s recruitment, a name that might get used to the game development circle. Verdu holds a variety of high-level positions in EA, Kabam, and Zynga, and the latest duties are on Facebook, where it sits as a VP for AR and VR content. Verdu will now be Vice President Netflix for game development.

While it confirms the preparation of Netflix for the game business, it doesn’t really answer the form that will be taken by this side’s crowd. According to people in, Netflix will offer video games next to normal video streaming content without charging extra power.

This is actually curious that Netflix will dip his fingers with Jar Cookies without direct connections with streaming, think it will not flow the game like Google Stadia. Gaming subscriptions get traction on various game platforms, and Netflix may be difficult to find developers and publishers to join the platform when there are half a dozen services that are already available.

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