Foxconn and TSMC are buying millions of vaccine doses for Taiwan

Foxconn and TSMC are buying millions of vaccine doses for Taiwan

Foxconn and TSMC are solving a political drama even when they serve their own technology manufacturing interests. The Wall Street Journal informs that the two companies have agreed to buy 10 million doses of vaccines Pfizer / Biontech Covid-19 on behalf of the Government of Taiwan. The two are buying the pharmaceutical fosun jacks after China supposedly “punctured” Taiwan’s offer to buy the vaccine directly.

There was pressure to make a deal. Taiwan has maintained greatly to the levels of Covid-19 throughout the pandemic, but the new cases began to sit at the end of April and caused rare restrictions on the island. While infections are decreasing, Taiwan has only vaccinated about 14 percent of its population. You will need many more doses if you are going to raise the restrictions while keeping the cases low.

Technology companies as they have been offered to buy vaccines for employees and contractors before. Apple helped TSMC buy vaccines for your staff, for example. However, a general purchase for the general population breaks a new land, companies are buying enough dose to inject more than 40 percent of Taiwan’s 24 million people.

Foxconn and TSMC have strong incentives to intervene. The outbreaks could hurt their operations, even for those factories and other facilities beyond Taiwan. That could be particularly dangerous in the midst of a global shortage of chips and other headaches in manufacturing, massive infections and stops could cause big currants. A purchase of vaccines like this could save companies long-term money.

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