Fortnite expands-a-bull: where to find and how to use disguise

Fortnite expands-a-bull where to find and how to use disguise

More than two weeks after we first learned about new consumption, Epic has officially updated Fortnite with a new item called inflate-a-bull. Endless items look like we expected based on past leaks: like inflatable bull costumes. Beyond that, Epic finally confirmed the purpose of this new item.

A-bull expanding is, epic said, a cattle disguise made by game fiction imagined for “sudden attacks” alien invaders. IO decides to make this disguise “knowing that livestock is a favorite of alien abduction,” at least according to the message of the hot dishes of the game characters.

The a-bulls are indeed on the back of the player and, after being deployed, allowing them to bounce and launch from danger. This is very useful when you need to go down the hill quickly, because rolling downhill occurs much faster than running. Threaking disguises will also immediately get rid of the unwanted alien parasites.

Of course, someone must question how effectively the cattle disguise is when aliens, according to knowledge, are actively drawn to livestock. The epic record of this small problem, warns that plates may be more vulnerable to targeting players when they wear inflatable, but in the end the benefits they offer exceed the risk of kidnapping.

Disguising will also protect you from being shot, but only once because the same shot will appear the settings, make you exposed and vulnerable. There is a waiting period after being shot before you can use disguise again, but if you manually deflate it instead, it will mobilize much faster for the second time.

Unlike previous leaks that claim you have to get a disguise of the Rick Sanchez AI character, Epic notes that you will be able to get it from a chest – both a normal little chest and a large IO crate.

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