Dualsense PS5 can inspire updates to the Xbox controller, said Phil Spencer

Dualsense PS5 can inspire updates to the Xbox controller, said Phil Spencer

The head of the Xbox, Phil Spencer, has said that the Xbox controller can get updates in the future, while praising what Sony has done with Dualsense PS5.

Spencer discusses peripherals and the possibility of the latest Xbox Series Xbox controller in the latest episode of funny gamescast (via VGC), saying that the team “must think of various types of devices that can bring more places to places.”

“There may be some of the work we will do on the [] controller,” said Spencer, added, “I think Sony does a good job with their controller, we see some of those things [and think] ‘Are these things we must do it? “

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While the new Xbox wireless controller takes a more recurring approach, increases its predecessor in a subtle but important way, dualsense more than repairs, introducing new features such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

Of course, the Xbox has shown that it pays attention to what the competitors do before now – recently with January 2021, a survey asks the owner of the Xbox Series X / S if they are “aware of the feature on the Playstation controller” they want is on the Xbox controller ,

Add to it, this is not the first time Phil Spencer has offered praise for dualsense; Shortly after the launch of the new console, Spencer told the threshold, “I praise what they do with the controller … I think for all of us in the industry, we must learn from each other and innovation that we all press, whether it’s a distribution Business models such as pass games, or tech controllers … “.

Spencer then explained to the threshold that people have “general expectations” for the Xbox controller and that temporarily “it doesn’t make us not innovate … we have to think of all cases of use that comes out there. We can’t turn the controller inside because there is so Lots of hope about how it works now. We can innovate on it, and we will see what other companies do and learn from it, and see if it’s something we want to apply for what we do. “

There are no VR plans.

The updated controller is of course more likely than a big-ordered accessory, such as the answer to Sony PSVR 2, because the peripheral VR and AR “not really” something Xbox is looking at. Spencer told the funny gamescast that the team “maybe not at the place of accessories that are more prepare now. We only see what happens in Windows and other places and see if there is a unique opportunity for us. At this time, I don’t think something What is clear to me. “

“We are watching what happens on the PC,” he said. “As with regard to VR specifically, the best experience I see is Quest 2 and I just think untethered [and] ease of use in its ability no, for me, requires it to connect to the Xbox in terms of anyway.

“So when I saw a scenario like that, I thought about Xcloud, I thought about the Xbox Live community, I thought about other things, about how we could bring content to the screen like that. Do we do something like that through the first party or partnership Third parties I thought were the second step to ‘Do we think the game we currently have that we can run on the platform we will work there?’ “

This attitude is on VR Lines with what previously said about VR support on the Xbox. Back in 2020, before the launch of the Xbox Series X, Spencer said that Microsoft was waiting until VR on the Xbox became a “no brainer” before it was considered stepping into the field. It was followed by previous interviews where he said that the new console was not created with VR in mind, adding “we responded to what our customers asked and … nobody asked VR.”

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