Creativity Takes Courage: Art Is Something That Makes You Breathe

Art Is Something That Makes You Breathe

Henri Matisse’s words are so lovely and real. People always felt that imagination was profoundly rooted in everyone. All of us. As a matter of fact, everybody has different views, different points of view and the desire to learn about new ideas creates us. But it’s a lot of bravery to share what you are passionate about.

To show creativity like what a Professional Graffiti artist does, is to take something intensely personal and to share it with other people at the risk of being judged. You can find that everyone is very nice and supportive of your artistic endeavors, but even the fear of being refused is also becoming sufficient to make someone not want to try something.

When we receive instructions, clear help messages in schools and work we are more likely to have the confidence to express original ideas. This is the conclusion of the latest study at the Yale Centre. One study indicates that the environment at school is critical for high school students (for example, students with supportive relationships among adults) as to whether or not they dare to be innovative.

When we evaluated the answers, we found 3 different factors that explain how students handle creative work.

  1. The first aspect of creativity is the issue of how one receives one’s ideas. The negative social implications of sharing their original ideas were especially worried for the students. Will the students think their proposals were stupid? Will you joke about it?
  2. A preference for the tried and tested to remain is the second aspect of attitudes to innovation. This is a way of being safer than imaginative or original. The teachers and university professors are just too familiar with this mindset if the students are wondering what they need.
  3. The third factor points out that it’s crucial to be daring to be imaginative. It is an approach that imagination is vital to our identity. Creative thoughts are considered meaningful and worthwhile to share creative ideas. People with this attitude are more likely than to demonstrate their abilities, to be driven by personal development.

Now coming to – ‘‘Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness’’

Particularly if you’ve found art (which everyone has), it makes you feel completely differently from a kind of physical or strictly visual development. First of all, a certain piece of art’s message, like a wall art drawn by a professional graffiti artist, exchanges with a few people at a time. Musicals… Musicals… Facebook (2D and 3D)… Music for the instrument… Everything’s art. Anything you want to offer is an art. Words are often called art-not just a typeface-but also the emotional significance of the very meanings provided by the words…!


I hope you agree with the title of this article! Art has the power to take you-soul and spirit-into some world which will hand you a certain message. Unique, of course. Art pieces can be easy-as a minimalist drawing. A musical performance which is really profound and meaningful. It takes a lot of bravery to share stuff that you are passionate about.

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