‘Company Heroes 3’ will take the classic RTS series to the Mediterranean in 2022

'Company Heroes 3' will take the classic RTS series to the Mediterranean in 2022

Eight years after the second entry, a new company of the hero game was under development in relic entertainment. It was announced today by Sega publishers, the company Heroes 3 will take the Series of the Real-Time World War II strategy to the Mediterranean Theater. As before, the emphasis is on the commander of the infantry and individual tanks, but new for this game is a strategic map that will allow you to decide how to approach the Italian allied invasion. How you plan your movements there will determine the power you have at your disposal in the real-time battle that follows.

Relic also introduced a pause button that would allow players to stop actions and queue orders to all their units. In practice, it seems like a single player campaign will play a lot like one of the total creative assembly war games, which is not too surprising considering Sega has both studios.

Pahlawan 3 companies will mature at the end of 2022. Meanwhile, fans can register to play the initial building game by connecting their steam and relic accounts. In addition, all franchises are sold at the Storefront Valve, allowing you to get the second game for only $ 1.10.

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