Cartoon HD for iOS, iPhone, iPad, MAC 2018 [Download Now]

Cartoon HD for iOS

Seeking cartoon HD for iOS, iPhone, iPad, MAC or any apple product? Then you are genius, and you got this site.

Totally genius…

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Cartoon HD for iOS

Someone before requested for the Cartoon HD app for iOS and at that time we feel like why we won’t be able to provide you the app for iOS too.


But soon we realized and found the cartoon HD iOS app for you.

Many apps which are available for android but not for iOS. This is the disappointing situation. But we are not here to disappoint you like others by providing shit content.

Now from today, iOS users can also watch free movies in HD, can watch tv shows and animated movies on their smartphones. This all can be only possible with the Cartoon HD app for iOS.

Don’t go over its name. The name is cartoon HD, but it provides all movies and TV shows which you are looking for day and night.

Maybe at night, you watch something else. 😜 Lol! Just kidding. Don’t take it seriously.

You are allowed to watch any TV shows and movies in this app. To get the things work to follow the procedure below.

So are you ready to install Cartoon HD for iOS?

Maybe yes.

Before I proceed must note, Cartoon HD app is not available in Apple store. You have to download it from external source only. And we are the best source you found.

I already told I wouldn’t disappoint you. Okay, let’s begin.

Features Of Cartoon HD for iOS

So, the feature doesn’t change for the different phones. The features are same.

  • Cartoon Hd provides free movies and TV shows.
  • Download your favorite shows and movies anytime, anywhere with anyone.
  • Provides multiple options to select from resolution (Saves your lots of Data).
  • Watch movies offline too.

Download Cartoon HD for iOS (Without Jailbreak)

The fact is you have to do jailbreak your iPhone before installing the cartoon HD iOS app. But we find another solution to install it on your iOS without jailbreak.

At the end of the guide, I will share an installation video guide through which you can install the app correctly.

Follow the guide below step-by-step.

Step 1: Unlock your iOS device. To do that follow below.

  • Locate settings and enter > Navigate to General > Select Date & Time > turn off the option “set automatically”.
  • Now change the date to 1 August 2014 and then follow below.

Step 2: Now open the safari browser and download the file given below. The file is of cartoon HD iOS version. Which enable you cartoon hd iphone download.

Step 3: Now, wait till the download completes.

Step 4: Open the file and click on Install.

Step 5: After you are done with the installation then again change the date to default (Present time). Follow the same procedure to change the date back.

Step 6: Now apple will also ask to allow the permission. For that locate the installed app and open the app. Then tap on “Trust” option.

Download Now

*Download Cartoon HD for iOS Now*

Some Important Note:
The above option may vary device to device. Follow the procedure below.– If you have installed cartoon HD for iOS app on the 9.2 or above, then go to settings > General > navigate device management > Cartoon HD > click on trust option and save.

– If you have the iOS 9.2 or below then go to settings > General > select Cartoon HD for iOS > click on Trust option.

The above changes are only for those who won’t be able to install the cartoon HD iOS app correctly on their device. Follow any of the above procedure to run the app. If you find any issue or want help, then let us know in comments below.

The fact is you have to do jailbreak your iPhone before installing the cartoon HD iOS app. If you jailbreak your phone, it makes your phone not as safe. This means you need to use additional tools like an iOS VPN to make sure you are not hacked. But this can be expensive, we find another solution to install it on your iOS without jailbreak.


Video Guide To Install Cartoon HD on iOS, iPad

Winding Up!

Note: Sometimes we have noted the app won’t work after starting or you will see the empty screen. For that, you must close the app and then wait for few minutes and then again start the app. It may solve the problem. Repeat it several time until the app won’t work correctly.

We are trying to resolve the problem as soon as possible for the iOS device. Also if you have any android device then you can enjoy the app easily.

I hope I have reached your expectations and fulfilled your needs. Hope the app works for you. Though I already tested on my device and some of the other iOS devices. If you are happy with the cartoon HD for iOS app, then please share it on social media. It’s a humble request.

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