‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ gets its first objective based modeq

'Call of Duty Warzone' gets its first objective based mode

For the Battle of Royales, it is a case of innovating or dead. With some big names competitors in the free genre to play, the studio must continue to update their game or take a risk of losing players. Activision’s latest offer for Call of Duty: Warzone Crowd is an objective-based mode called Payload. In the first for the game, the mission will be added to the rotating playlist that rotates as part of the four season relied.

This is what you can expect from a new mode when aired with updates at 12am ET on Thursday, July 15. Payload divides players in two teams from 20 assigned to companion vehicles or attacks transporting satellite parts. Each team must complete their goals within the specified time limit. As always, you can use custom loading or killstreak (including weapons of new guards from the cold black ops) to help your parties win. You can also buy and build obstacles to stop the vehicle on the track.

The setting does not look different from the type of protection or destroy the mission available at Rockstar’s GTA online and read dead online. In fact, against the attackers of stacking or bombarding heavy armed trucks through several checkpoints that sounded more hustle and bustle. For its part, Activision Pitching Payload as an important battle that “can shift the balance of war between Perseus and NATO.”

As for the file size, the Warzone update will range from 8.9GB to 9.2GB on the Playstation and Xbox and PC, respectively.

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