Bluehost Pricing Plans

Bluehost Pricing Plans

Bluehost Pricing is unique and they are one of the most affordable ways to get a web hosting account. With many other companies, you have to pay a huge amount for their hosting plans; Bluehost on the other hand offer their customers a great price and also provide some of the best features available on the internet. Their web hosting is the most affordable, which can save you a lot of money on your first website. In this article we will discuss why Bluehost has one of the cheapest hosting plans in the internet and how we can save money with them.

The first reason why we should consider Bluehost Pricing is that they offer shared hosting for one year for just $2.50. With shared hosting you are provided with a website template that has all the features of your website already installed on it. You will not have to worry about learning how to create a website from scratch or hire someone to do it for you because it is included in the plans. This will save you a lot of money in the first year alone. In addition, the team that works at Bluehost is very friendly and very helpful. When you run into any difficulties, they will be glad to help you out.

Now, let’s talk about the pricing options. The prices start at just $2.50 per month, which is the standard discount for shared hosting plan. After this you will have three pricing options. They are:

One year shared hosting plans – this is the basic price for the one year plan. It gives you unlimited bandwidth and disk space for a year. If you want to upgrade to another plan, you can do so for an additional fee. There are different pricing plans available for different needs.

Two-year plan – this is also known as the two-year plan. For this you get unlimited disk space and bandwidth for a whole year. With this package, you can choose either the twelve-month term or the six-month term. For the twelve-month term, you will pay more than if you had chosen the six-month term. Bluehost will charge you an additional twenty percent of your total bandwidth and disk space whenever you increase your monthly bill term.

Flexible plans – these are the most popular packages available. You can get the cheapest rates with this type of package, but it will be limited because you cannot exceed the amount of disk space and bandwidth that you have access to in a given month. You will be charged according to a flat fee that is determined by renewing your account. The monthly cost of the Flex Plans is cheaper than the Shared Hosting Plans, but it is not as cheap as the other plans. Bluehost rates are based on the number of days in a year that you can remain on their server.

Unlimited Bandwidth & Data – for this type of package you get unlimited disk space and bandwidth for one entire month depending on which is the lowest. This type of Bluehost pricing is called the ‘Unlimited Bandwidth & Data’ plan. This is the cheapest plan available with Bluehost, but there is also a choice of getting the Basic Plan Pricing for unlimited disk space and data usage month-to-month. With the ‘Unlimited Bandwidth & Data’ plan, you pay less than with the basic plan pricing for unlimited usage during the entire year. The ‘Unlimited Bandwidth & Data’ plan does not allow you to have any visitors to your site during the whole month. This type of Bluehost pricing is also available with the ‘Unlimited Access’ option.

The ‘Unlimited Access’ option allows you unlimited websites access during the first year of the subscription. You will be charged according to the rate of one website accessed daily. The ‘Unlimited Bandwidth & Data’ plan provides you with unlimited websites access during the first year of the subscription at a fixed monthly rate. With this plan you pay only the initial purchase price and nothing more. This is the best choice for those who want to host more than one website.

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