Bethesda PS5 Exclusive ‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’ Pending Up To Early 2022

Bethesda PS5 Exclusive 'Ghostwire Tokyo' Pending Up To Early 2022

Ghostwire: Tokyo, the next game PlayStation 5 and PC of Bethesda Studio Tango Tango, was delayed at the beginning of 20222. This should happen in the coming months.

The studio says it is “focused on the protection of everyone’s health in Tango”. It is based in Tokyo, where a fourth state of emergency came into effect in the midst of a sharp increase in CVIV-19 cases.

“We want to get the match in your hands as soon as possible so that you can experience the unforgettable version of a tokyo haunted that we had trouble at work”, “Tango, who also hurts The interior, written in a tweet. “Our new liberation window will give us time to bring life to the world of Ghostwire as we have always envisioned.”

Although a specific date of publication has not been defined, Sony suggested a presentation of these 2021 that the Ghostwire fantasy: Tokyo would arrive in October. The company then took the video and replaced it with a version that dropped from the release windows for several third party games.

Bethesda announced that Ghostwire: Tokyo in 2019 and Tango plans to show more than the paranormal adventure in the coming months. Ghostwire will be an exclusive timed console on PS5. It is very likely that Ghostwire will finally come to the Xbox, however – Microsoft has Bethesda, after all.

While the Ghostwire delay may have been inevitable, push the release date at the beginning of next year, can give death Liveloop, another exclusive PS5 console of his compatriot Bethesda Studio Arkane, more room to breathe. Following the delays of his own, Deathloop should arrive on September 14th.

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