Best Top Load Washing Machines

Top Load Washing Machines

Often times we have all experienced a problem of our washing machine not being gentle enough on our clothes, being too noisy, water not draining or water leakage.  Here we have compiled a list of the best top load washing machines which are also the best fully automatic washing machines so to make it easier for you from the plethora of options you might have. You can purchase these branded best washing machines with Zest Money no cost EMI.

Best Top Load Washing Machine: 

1. Panasonic 6 kg 5 Star AquaBeat Wash Fully Automatic Top Load Grey: This Japanese brand is known for creating the most durable electronics. Their brand credibility scores are high just like their washing machines. The innovative technology measures the weight of the load, calculates the water level and suggests the same for the user. The drum has a high-speed rotation facility which absorbs moisture quick. The Aquabeat technology cleans between cloth fibres making your clothes look brand new. This is one of the best top loading washing machines with 8 customised washing program according to the load of the user.

Price: Rs.12,940/-

Ratings: 4.4 / 5 out of 4738 ratings

2. LG 6.5 Fully Automatic Top Load Washing machine: Next in the list of the best fully automatic top load washing machine is the LG 6.5 inverter machine which comes with 8 programs. These programs are customised for the user according to the load. The turbo drum rotation ensures a quick drying time along with removing tough stains. This washing machine comes with multiple features like auto-restart in case of power cuts, a smart inverter which is energy efficient, and a very durable motor that protects the machine against dust, humidity and insects.

Price: Rs.  16,500/-

Ratings: 4.3 / 5 out of 6556 ratings

3. Bosch 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load White-  The third one in the list of the best fully top load washing machine is the ever aesthetic Bosch washing machine. Bosch, a German brand is known for its durability and top-quality products. The machine comes with many convenient features like a filter that collects lint, a child lock system, duel dispenser useful for powder, low water pressure , one-touch start etc. It also has an automatic start/stop button for power outages. This efficient and budget friendly washing machine is made to impress.

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