5 fantastic features of Dainik Bhaskar news app

Most of us read daily news to stay updated and aware. There are numerous news app from where we can get the most detailed and authentic Hindi news updates. Dainik Bhaskar is one of the best epaper news apps available for you which is also  one of the largest newspaper groups in India. It has launched a simple and free App for news. It will provide you authentic news without any exaggeration. Dainik Bhaskar news app is completely ad-free, so you can read the news without any disturbance.

If you are wondering, what are the reasons behind its popularity, here are some of its main features that make this epaper app so popular.

  1. You can view supporting videos

Most of the time, a supporting video is required to prove the authenticity of the news. This app will offer you all the related video clips that will help you to understand the true incident. Keeping their audience in darkness is not their aim. When you use this app, you will see through the rumors and find the actual truth. Apart from this, videos are always a better way to explain an incident. It makes news more interactive and natural.

  1. The hindi news app is divided into Categories

You can find news from different genres on this app. Sports, business, Bollywood, horoscope, politics, education, and the list never ends. Thus, you will be updated about everything that is going around the world. It also makes news reading easy for us. If we want to read any particular news, we can directly check that topic. Easy searching is also possible on this app.

  1. You get Breaking and authentic news in this app

Dainik Bhaskar covers almost 2000+ cities and gives you all the breaking authentic news. This epaper also provides you international news. Thus, when you use this app, you will stay updated about all the local, national, and international affairs. That is why people who want to crack competitive exams use this app. It is very useful to polish your knowledge of current affairs.

  1. This app is completely ad-free

If an ad pops up on the screen while we are reading any important news, we feel irritated. It breaks our concentration and diverts our minds elsewhere. Dainik Bhaskar news app is completely ad-free. So, you can read the news whenever you want without any type of interruption.

  1. You get all important notifications on this app

During our busy lives, sometimes we forget to check daily news. Thus, we end up missing a lot of important news. When you use this app, it will notify you whenever any new update is available. You can also subscribe to email notifications. Thus, you will never miss a single update again.

So, these are some of the brilliant features of this Hindi news app. With time, its popularity is growing more and more. It helps differentiate between true and fake news. Thus, you will never be fooled by any other exaggerated news. So, get your app now and enjoy all its great features.

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